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What Are NFTs?

NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens. “Non-fungible” sounds complicated, but it’s actually a simple concept to learn: Any asset that is identical to another and can be exchanged for it 100% of the time, is a fungible asset. 1 dollar bill can be exchanged for another 1 dollar bill. 1 share in a company can be exchanged for the same 1 share.

Then, any asset that’s not identical to anything, and can’t be exchanged for a similar asset 100% of the time, is a non-fungible asset. The Mona Lisa can’t be exchanged for a replica. A Twitter username can’t be exchanged for the same Twitter username, because only one exists.

DeFi + NFT

When non-fungible tokens are on a blockchain, a new world of possibilities opens. Suddenly, digital art becomes viable, because ownership is easy to prove. You can start doing cool stuff with loyalty points or trade royalty-bearing assets like music or films.

Decentralized protocols offer NFTs new capabilities in terms of interoperability, meaning your NFTs can be transferred between multiple marketplaces, games, or they can be minted through yield farming offerings.

Advantages of NFTs

They represent unalterable ownership.

Easier to trade than other non-fungible assets due to representative layer of abstraction.

Can be programmed and can work on different protocols and apps in numerous use cases.

Contain the information regarding the asset, so authenticity is easier to prove.

Create Your Own BSC NFT Collectible or Collection

Our NFT Minting Function is live and completely decentralized! 🚀🔥🦁 People issuing NFTs will have complete control and ownership over their creations.

Anyone is able to create single (BEP-721) or multiple (BEP-1155) NFTs through our NFT Exchange, and list them on our platform or on others that support visualization of our BSC NFTs.

Audio and video minting is supported!

Featured NFTs

JGN also offers exclusive JGN crypto collectibles in different tiers based on rarity such as God Mode, Elite Beast, Rare and Common. Collect them all!

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