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Dynamically share value with stakeholders and create border-less accountability with custom JGN synthetics.

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About Juggernaut (JGN)

JGN enables users to create, customize and modularize their business use cases into DeFi synthetics.

Customize usage profit directly among users and holders, encourage greater liquidity, usage and adoption, and empower users with complete decentralized governance.

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We’ve officially launched the first beta phase of JuggerSWAP, designed to be the core synth marketplace for the JGN Ecosystem.

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Introducing the ‘j’ Synthetic Token Series

The JGN ‘j’ token series will offer unique synthetic derivatives for specific business use cases.

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First Case Study: jSKM

Working with the SKM team, JGN is creating a real world DeFi business use case in the communication industry.

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The Future of DeFi is JGN

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